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Towards a plant-based diet, what I’ve learned from Benin

Like so many others today, I am leaning towards a plant-based diet for several reasons. Turns out that in a list of top 100 ways that individuals can reduce global warming, numbers 3 and 4 relate to food! Number 3 is reduce food waste, and number 4 is a plant-rich diet.

Now I never want to waste food - I mean, who does - but somehow I still find myself cleaning out the fridge and throwing away bits of this and that. Sometimes I’ve been overly eager when grocery shopping, other times I make something that doesn’t turn out right. And I love to cook. Really love to cook. I find it an enjoyable pastime as well as a means of nourishing both body and soul. So this month I’m taking some cues from my friend Anie who loves to cook, can stretch a dollar, rarely wastes food, and eats a primarily plant-based diet (with the addition of some fish, eggs, and meat). Here’s what she’s taught me.

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