Get sustainable in the New Year!

Hello TS Friends!

Our last sustainability blog post focused on some of the things we are doing to contribute to sustainability in the packaging industry, especially during the holidays. This week we’d like to highlight a couple companies we rely on to make our sustainability goals a reality.

All of our stickers are paper rather than BOPP plastic film. There are great recycled options through Moo and Vistaprint.

On our Instagram we shared a bit about our information cards.

“Using MOO prints, a sustainable brand, we are able to put a note in with our products to describe the sustainability that our artisan partners practice - while also staying sustainable in our packaging...A couple of MOO’s sustainability practices and options are: 100% cotton paper that reuses fashion industry waste and an option for sustainably sourced, Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF).”

It’s important to us to communicate our mission to our customers, and with MOO printing we can do that without being wasteful. It’s also important to us to work with brands that have similar values and priorities as TS.

Vistaprint is also a great option as they are cutting carbon emissions, practicing responsible forestry, and installing greener technology in order to reduce their carbon footprint. On their website they state, “We’re committed to reducing our emissions in line with science-based targets established by the 2015 Paris Agreement. That means reducing our carbon footprint by over 50% by 2025.”

Check out this link to a video on their website that explains how their brand is in line with the Rainforest Alliance Certification, or FSC.

“Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit conservation organization that certifies forestry operations, ensuring that they meet rigorous standards for the conservation of natural resources and the rights and welfare of workers and local communities.” -Vistaprint Website

If you’re a small business owner, consider supporting these brands as well!

From the team at TS, we’d like to wish you all the happiest and safest of New Years. See you next year!

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