Trois Soeurs : Three Sisters

We're Anie, Marcy, and Emilie. We live on three different continents, have a combined total of seven children, and are part of one grande famille. We all share a love for the country of Benin, in West Africa, and are committed to the notion that individual acts of good are necessary if we want the world to be a better place. We also believe that you can look good in the process!

We created Trois Soeurs as a social entrepreneurship with a few main goals. First, we wanted to highlight beautiful fashion items handcrafted in West Africa. Second, we wanted the sale of those products to improve living conditions and opportunities for young people in Benin. And third, we wanted to connect the individuals wearing the designs to the individuals in the supply chain.  

We partner with organizations such as Asso Orphelin Miséricorde to provide healthy meals to young people so that they can focus on their schooling. We provide tutors to children who need an extra boost with their homework, particularly those children whose parents haven't had the opportunity to complete their schooling. And we benefit from our partnerships as well as we extend our grande famille.

You've got questions, we've got answers. Visit our FAQ for more information. 

If you'd like to contribute to our education fund directly, please feel free to donate via the button below. We'll even pass on any words of encouragement that you've got for the students and artisans in the extended Trois Soeurs family.  Merci!




Who are Les Trois Soeurs?

Marcy Hessling O'Neil 

Marcy is a cultural anthropologist who has been working with Beninese for ten years. She earned her PhD from Michigan State University based on research she conducted as a Fulbrighter in Benin. She's a member of the US Embassy in Cotonou's Extended Working Group on Entrepreneurship, and enjoys working with students in the Peace and Justice program at Michigan State. Marcy has appeared on Benin's BB24 television several times to discuss crowd funding, entrepreneurship, and youth unemployment. She loves to cook, yap, and dance, not necessarily in that order. 


Anie Semassousi

Anie is a true entrepreneur who has opened boutiques in the Akpakpa and Agassa-Godomey areas of Cotonou, Benin. She has an eye for fashion, and is a savvy businessperson. If you have a question about trends or the meaning of cloth designs, Anie is the person to ask. She has a profound love for Benin and the future of her country.  Along with Emilie Morez, she is a co-founder of Asso Orphelin Miséricorde, and is the in-country director of operations for Three Sisters.


Emilie Morez

Emilie first visited Benin as a teenager and stayed with Anie's family. Emilie has returned to Benin several times and is passionate about improving living conditions for children living in poverty. She is the co-founder of Asso Orphelin Miséricorde, a non-profit that provides healthy meals to children living in Benin's orphanages. Emilie is also a travel agent in Toulon, France with Carrefour Voyages. She actively works to create cultural exchanges between schoolchildren in France and Benin.