Why Do We Bury the Dead? - Signed Copy

Why Do We Bury the Dead? - Signed Copy


This folktale from Benin tells the story of a woman who faked her own death and deceived her family. Will the King find out? There’s only one way to know for sure, read the book! The story, as told by Anie Gandoto SEMASSOUSSI AZEHOUNGBO, teaches us the values of honesty, openness and loyalty.

The Books that Bind project was produced through a grant from the United States Embassy in Cotonou, Benin with the goal of creating local language reading materials for people of all ages. Each of the stories in the series were first recounted by storytellers, and then translated into five of the Beninese languages as well as French and English.

This limited edition softcover copy was signed by members of the team in Benin who participated in the project.

Storyteller: Anie Gandoto SEMASSOUSSI AZEHOUNGBO

Translator: Dr. Bienvenu AZEHOUNGBO

Photographer: Judith VLAFONOU

Preface by Paul Christian KITI, PhD

Languages: Fon, English, French

Made in Benin, 26 pages, softcover, signed copy.

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Want to learn how to say the title of this book in Fon? Kevi (who plays the King in this story) demonstrates in this video. Check it out!