Books that Bind Volume 2 - Complete Signed Set

Books that Bind Volume 2 - Complete Signed Set


The Books that Bind project was produced through a grant from the United States Embassy in Cotonou, Benin with the goal of creating local language reading materials for people of all ages. Each of the stories in the series were first recounted by storytellers, and then translated into five of the Beninese languages as well as French and English.

This signed set contains all five titles in the volume: The Two Brothers; The Orphan and His Stepmother; The Guinea Fowl and the Crocodile; Why Do We Bury the Dead; and Money, Pearl, Metal and Cloth.

Each book is trilingual, with three languages to the page. In this set you will be able to see Aja, Baatonum, Dendi, Fon, and Yoruba. Let your imagination roam with this interesting set of folktales from Benin, West Africa.

All profits fund our tutoring and literacy programs in the same community that made the books. Find out more about your impact here.

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